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Deltran Precision Metal Stamping

Deltran has been a leading supplier of precision metal stamping services to the electronics industry since 1961. We have developed a reputation for maintaining higher standards of quality than our competitors as a company with certification to ISO 9001:2015. We offer valuable capabilities in the design and building of progressive tooling, so we can create custom metal stampings with more precision and uniformity. Some of the products we manufacture include quick connect terminals and switch component stampings as well as precious metal contacts with overlay, inlay and engineered materials. Another notable advantage of Deltran metal stamping processes is our proprietary tapping system, which allows us to offer competitive pricing for tapped or threaded stamping.

Our experience with precision metal stamping techniques gives us the ability to work with various types of materials with lower thicknesses down to .003. Deltran sets itself apart from other metal stamping companies with the unique ability to work with thermostatic and precious metals as well as other engineered materials. Our facility houses over forty power presses, allowing us to meet even the most challenging specifications and performance standards. Furthermore, the Deltran facility can fulfill all progressive tooling on site.

Deltran works with customers from a range of industries including automotive, industrial controls, consumer appliance, terminal block and electronic industries. We offer the knowledge and versatility necessary for completing even the most challenging projects.

Metal Stamping Services

One of Deltran’s unique specialities is the production of precision metal parts such as tapped and quick-connect terminals in a variety of materials:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Nickel
  • Nickel Silver
  • All Brasses and Bronzes
  • Special alloys commonly applied in the electrical and electronics industries.

We utilize these materials regularly in the stamping of blanks as well as tapped and intricately shaped metal components. With an advanced facility and experienced staff, we are a leading resource for metal stamping. We have immense experience in dealing with particularly challenging projects. If your projects involve tolerances that require high precision or difficult components that need closer attention, Deltran can help. Contact us today, and we can assist you with all your metal stamping needs.

Tapped Terminals

Deltran has developed the perfect method for the production of terminals and other stampings with tapped or threaded holes in one operation. We can create these stampings efficiently without reducing quality. With our specialized stamping procedures, we can maintain higher standards and closer tolerances with ease. This also saves you money on your project by eliminating the costs of secondary tapping operations. The cost of threaded stampings and tapped terminals is nearly identical to the cost of the stamped component with Deltran. As a result, you receive higher quality and quicker turnaround while lower your overall costs.

Solid & Composite Contacts

Here at Deltran, we are capable of producing solid and composite contacts in all configurations and sizes excluding rivet types. We create all contacts to meet the most stringent requirements with a multitude of metals and alloys as well as composite materials such as stripe, toplay and overlay. It is common to replace an existing contact assembly with a single part of toplay material or composite stripe. As a result, we can eliminate the secondary assembly operation, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. If you contact us regarding your contact assemblies, we would be more than happy to provide a quote for even the most challenging application. If possible, send us drawings or prints, and we can answer any questions you may have.

Our Stamping Capabilities

Deltran’s state-of-the-art facility gives us the following metal stamping capabilities and advantages:

Why Choose Deltran?

Deltran offers the advantages of a low-cost, high-quality, multifaceted approach to metal stamping. Deltran has been owned and operated by the same family over the course of generations, so our standards for high-quality customer service and products are well-established.

Our mission is to offer every customer the highest quality for their products. Here at Deltran, we have a collective understanding of what “quality” means, so we can consistently fulfill the needs of every client. Quality requires thorough planning in all aspects of production including tooling, engineering and fabrication. It must be a core design characteristic for every component, so we keep a close eye on the smallest details to ensure every part receives the attention it needs to meet even the toughest quality standards.

Our dedication to quality has made Deltran a leader in metal stamping. Contact us today to learn more about metal stamping services.

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