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Deltran has been a leader among metal stamping companies since 1961. As a reputable provider of precision metal stamping services, we supply high-quality components to a variety of industries including automotive, consumer appliance, terminal block and electronics. Deltran maintains higher quality and performance standards than other metal stamping companies and has certification to ISO 9001:2015. We also offer a multitude of capabilities in the design and manufacturing of progressive tooling. As a result, we can offer superior precision and uniformity for custom metal stampings.

Deltran manufactures a variety of products including switch connect stampings and quick connect terminals as well as precious metal contacts with inlay, overlay and engineered materials. Furthermore, our proprietary tapping system allows us to maintain competitive pricing for threaded and tapped stamping.

Deltran has unmatched experience in precise metal stamping, so we can work with many types of materials with thicknesses as low as .003. Our advanced facility contains over 40 power presses for meeting the quality and performance standards of even the most challenging projects. This also allows us to fulfill all progressive tooling in house.

In addition to the services in our facility, Deltran offers other manufacturing capabilities through our strategic alliances with other manufacturers. Our relationship with Jaco Products allows us to provide plating for stampings, development for insert mold solutions and screw insertions into tapped stampings and the procurement of heat treating. By combining our own capabilities with those offered by other reputable sources, we can fulfill the requirements of virtually any project with ease. You can rely on Deltran to deliver components with the performance standards your application needs.

Deltran Precision Metal Stamping Services

Deltran specializes in the production of precious metal components including tapped and quick-connect terminals in the following materials:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Nickel
  • Nickel Silver
  • All Brasses and Bronzes
  • Special alloys common in the electrical and electronics industries.

We use these materials often in the stamping of blanks, tapped components and metal components with intricate shapes. Our state-of-the-art facility and expert staff allow us to maintain our position as one of the top metal stamping companies. With our immense experience in metal stamping, we can handle even the most challenging projects. Projects require high precision for difficult components with higher tolerances are a regular occurrence for Deltran, so you can rely on us to get you the components you need. Contact Deltran today to learn more about our metal stamping services.

Tapped Terminals

Deltran has developed the ideal production method for terminals. We can manufacture terminals and other stampings with threaded or tapped holes in a single operation. Most notably, we can produce these stampings at an efficient rate without lowering quality standards. Deltran’s precision stamping techniques can effectively deliver higher performance standards and closer tolerances. As a result, you eliminate the need for secondary tapping operations and reduce costs significantly. Additionally, threaded stampings and tapped terminals offer nearly identical costs to Deltran’s stamped components. This allows us to offer high quality products and quick turnaround while maintaining competitive pricing.

Solid & Composite Contacts

Deltran is also offers production capabilities for solid and composite contacts in nearly all sizes and configurations with the exception of rivet types. Our contacts can fulfill even the strictest requirements, utilizing various metals and alloys as well as composite materials (stripe, toplay, overlay, etc.). Replacing an existing contact assembly with a single part of composite stripe or toplay material is a common yet incredibly effective method. This allows us to shelve secondary assembly operations while decreasing costs and improving overall efficiency. Contact Deltran today, and we would be happy to provide a quote for your contact assemblies regardless of the application. You can also send us prints or drawings if possible. Our staff will listen to your concerns and answer all of your questions.

Our Stamping Capabilities

The Deltran facility offers the following metal stamping capabilities:

Why Deltran?

Working with Deltran means you receive the advantages of precision metal stamping with higher quality and lower costs. The same family has owned and operated Deltran for generations, so our quality standards for our products and customer service are built on decades of development.

Deltran’s central goal is to give every customer the most quality and value for their components. The Deltran team has developed a mutual understanding of what “quality” truly means, so we can offer the precision and uniformity our customers need. Delivering quality components deep consideration and planning for all areas of production including tooling, engineering and manufacturing. This is a core design aspect for each and every Deltran product, so we put a focus on the most intricate details to ensure compliance with even the most challenging performance standards.

Deltran’s commitment to quality has positioned us as a leader among metal stamping companies. Contact Deltran today to learn more about metal stamping services.

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