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1. How large or small an order do you accept?

For tapping, economically it makes sense to order or release a minimum of 25,000 pieces. But we will produce to a production size of 5,000 pieces and higher.

For regular stampings we will produce to lot sizes of customer request, as small as 1,000.
We also run to production quantities of the millions.

2. What type and thickness of material do you stamp?
For larger stampings; please visit our parent company Wedge Products, Inc.
3. Do you offer inventory programs?
Yes, we will work from customer blanket orders and maintain stocking programs for you. We are familiar with a variety of stocking solutions, J.I.T., Kan-Ban, Min-Max systems etc. Let us help you chose the one that makes the most sense for your needs.
4. What other value added capabilities do you have?
Deltran has its proprietary system of low cost threading of stampings. We also offer automatic riveting of precious metal contacts. In tandem with tapping the stamping we can also provide the finish stamping with the screws already inserted.
5. Do you offer additional services?

Yes, Deltran is very knowledgeable of plating and heat treating specs for the industry. We utilize a variety of quality plating companies depending upon your plating requirements. Most of our plating sources are ISO 9002 certified.

We can also handle any heat treating requirements you may require with an established Heat Treating company in our area.

6. What are typical lead times for new products?
Deltran does the progressive tool design and building in house. Depending upon the complexity of the part Deltran can design and tool in as short a time as 6 weeks. Typically lead times quoted are 8- 12 weeks.
7. Who is responsible for the maintenance of the tooling?
Deltran was a pioneer in the concept of maintaining the tool for life of the product at no additional cost to the customer. With Deltran there is a one time Engineering Service charge for design of the tool. After that you never have to worry about additional tool costs again.
8. Are you familiar with overseas shipping?
Deltran currently ships product to Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada and China. We are very familiar with the paperwork and process required for out of country shipping.

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